Director of Professional Services

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital Plano


Baylor Scott & White- The Heart Hospital Plano was designed to be a 5 star experience and quality focused center of care upon original design and opening in 2007. Since opening The Heart Hospital has been ranked at or above the 90th percentile in patient satisfaction and received multiple awards from Press Ganey for achieving and maintaining this rank over such a long period of time.

As part of the culture, The Heart Hospital is always looking for ways to improve the overall guest experience inside the hospital as well as achieve a great place to work environment for our employees. Three years ago this quest took us to the FreemanGroup.

The FreemanGroup is a long-standing consulting firm historically focused on the hospitality industry and primarily conducting business with airlines, casinos, and hotels. During this time, The Heart Hospital was undergoing a large expansion to the campus that included the build out of a new tower and the renovation of most of the public areas within the original building. The theory behind the design and décor of the hospital was centered around a warm and inviting environment similar to a high-end hotel featuring:  comfortable seating, a coffee shop in the main lobby, and a large fireplace at the entrance. Following the thought process of the overall design, The Heart Hospital decided to move forward with partnering with a consultant whose background was not in healthcare and could really provide a new perspective on the overall guest experience and how we could blend the hotel environment with a hospital experience.

The partnership between us was a new development for both sides and required several months of collaboration as to how bring the two experiences into one. We were faced with an exciting opportunity to really see the hospital guest experience through eyes of those that didn’t work in healthcare and The FreemanGroup was faced with understanding the different expectations and perspectives of the guest and employee in the hospital setting vs a hotel. The first phase involved developing a defined set of standards for all employees at every level of the organization defining the culture and establishing a sustainable set of principles. Every person that had any role within the hospital was required to attend training starting with our valet staff and ending with the physician education towards the end of the initial rollout. The FreemanGroup was with us every step of the way from working with us to establish the standards, defining the education, teaching the workshops and training our staff on teaching so that we were able to sustain the new culture. After the initial rollout, we worked with the FreemanGroup to design a real time measurement system showing how often our staff are displaying and living by the standards.

Throughout the 3 year relationship, our partnership with the FreemanGroup has molded into a friendship and they are as easily recognized walking throughout the hospital as any other member of our team. The friendship between us continues to foster growth and always has the teams thinking how we can improve or what we can do next to further enhance both the guest and the employee experience. I look forward to seeing what we can come up with next in our constant strife to be the best place to both give and receive cardiovascular care!