Director of Clinics Operations
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Lake Pointe

“Prior to Strive for Five, Lake Pointe struggled to offer patients and employees a top notch experience.  I can remember going to The Heart Hospital in Plano a few years ago and wondering, “How do they do this?  How did they hire all of these rockstars that address me by name, continuously ask if there is something else they can do for me, and consistently anticipate my needs in order to enhance the guest experience?  It must be because it is is a specialty hospital.”  I was elated that Lake Pointe was picked as a Strive for Five Facility.  The program is smartly designed using feedback directly obtained for guests in our hospital, so the program is unique to our needs.  With hospital leaders as facilitators of the program, I have seen a buy in to “the new way to do business” that is incomparable to previous program roll outs.  The program starts with training the entire staff on the Promises and Standards that we commit to, but the real work begins after the training.  The program offers huddle briefings which makes the program sustainable.  It is hard to put into words the culture shift that has occurred since the adoption of Strive for Five.  Prior to Strive, employees were un-engaged from their surroundings missing opportunities to connect with guests, each other, and spot potential challenging moments.  When you walk into Lake Pointe now, there is a sense of pride about the work we do and the people who do the work.”