The HealthCare industry today is becoming more competitive by the day. We all now have more choices for our treatment and while positive medical outcomes are primary and critical in our choices, we now also make these decisions based on a facility’s ability to provide a highly rated experience over the entire care journey. FreemanGroup provides an excellent foundation for those nonmedical and non- transactional moments so critical in a patient’s care….those hospitality moments.

The content of the process is laid out in a very measurable format and the system itself provides a proactive and robust method of holding all team members, including managers and senior executives, accountable for success. I found that particularly helpful in my role as a Vice President of Operations.

The way forward to providing patient experiences that differentiate themselves from the competition is to instill accountability for hospitality within all team members; the FreemanGroup approach does that and I would recommend it.

Brad Morgan
Division Vice President
Kindred Healthcare