Our challenge at Oetker Collection of hotels is to deliver a guest experience at the highest level, bearing in mind that our rates typically start at the $1,500.00 USD level and rise appropriately. Our other operational challenge is that we operate properties within very different cultures (Germany, France, England, The Caribbean and the Seychelles)

We were looking for a Guest Experience process that, first, delivered the overall experience that we were looking for within all Oetker properties, and, second, catered to each individual hotel, dependent on their cultural environment and their target market.

FreemanGroup approached the task from a very customized viewpoint through their ‘Promises’ workshop, which is supported by a departmental product that is easily used by the departmental managers. We are extremely happy with the progress so far and look forward to the future with confidence after the certification of our internal trainers in the ongoing delivery of the ‘Promises’ process.

I would recommend the product to anyone considering its use and would be happy to answer any questions in that regard.