JetBlue began our partnership with FreemanGroup in 2014 during the development of our transcontinental business class product, Mint. Our goal was to find a partner with hospitality expertise that would help us design an onboard experience capable of disrupting the industry standard. FreemanGroup led us through the arduous task of defining the specific behaviors and standards to support our onboard vision. They developed a fully customized program designed to drive key hospitality and service delivery behaviors for our flight attendants delivering the Mint experience. The program included a six-day classroom training, on-the-job training component, leadership skills for the lead flight attendants, and ongoing reinforcement standards for our operational leaders post training. The Mint training program was one of the most highly rated courses by participants in JetBlue’s history and is now the benchmark for all of our service and hospitality programs.

Industry analysts predicted JetBlue’s Mint product would fail. Post launch our Net Promotor Score (NPS), used to measure customer satisfaction, was 83 which was 29 points higher than our previous transcontinental score in our economy product. We saw a 2-point gain in satisfaction in the metric that measures onboard service when Mint trained flight attendants delivered the economy service. Mint reviews specifically recognized the level of service and hospitality provided by the flight attendants in Mint. Mint satisfaction scores specific to our flight attendants remain 20 points higher than our system score for our economy product.

Mint’s success from a service and hospitality perspective spearheaded the expansion of hospitality programs to all of our customer-facing crewmembers. With the continued partnership of FreemanGroup, we’ve expanded the ‘Promises’ program to our ground experience in 62 airports (10,000+ Crewmembers) with plans to expand to 40 business partner run airports this year. Since that program launched in 2016 we’ve seen significant improvements in NPS scores when comparing trained and untrained airports.

We are in the process of rolling ‘Promises’ out to over 7,000 flight attendants this year and are currently developing the ‘Promises’ program for our call centers.

FreemanGroup continues to support all of our hospitality programs as well as developing hospitality expertise of key stakeholders to ensure the long-term success of ‘Promises’ at JetBlue. They have been an influential partner committed to understanding JetBlue’s culture and unique operational challenges and tailoring their approach to meet our needs.