Meet MaryScott Moore, A frontline hero! 

I often read or hear stories about truly extraordinary instances of giving, be it financially, donations of goods, individuals time or just compassion. In these times, there seems to be no shortage of such selflessness and the recounting of these acts adds color to what can sometimes feel like a dark day. More so when a close friend or a family member is involved in delivering such an act, it adds gratitude by adding a new appreciation to the “every day” moments.

Over the last few years, I have had the distinct privilege of working with and observing Healthcare professionals at all levels, Surgeons, Physicians, Clinicians and Nurses. I have been truly amazed at their dedication to their profession and their ability to absorb a huge amount of responsibility and challenges in their day-to day work lives. My interactions cemented a respect of their ability to show true compassion with patients, while dealing with really difficult situations. This respect was formed and realized all prior to COVID-19.

My wife, Pat’s daughter, MaryScott is an outgoing beautiful woman who loves music, music festivals, surfing, the outdoors, travel and her wide social circle of friends. I think of myself as one of these friends, there if and when needed, absent when not. MaryScott, isn’t just an outgoing, beautiful women, she also is a nurse!

Recently, she made a self-less decision to contribute as much as she could to help in the fight against COVID-19. She chose to go to the very epicenter of the virus, choosing to face the risks head on and travel to New York to support sick individuals with a host of medical professionals.

I, like her parents, siblings and friends worry, but with reservations, as I know she will be just fine. She is a professional; she is smart, she is careful, and she is dedicated.

It is difficult for me to express how much I admire her for making this decision. At the best of times, nursing is difficult, COVID-19 is very difficult in any geographical area, but surely New York must be one of the most difficult and dangerous assignments of all and yet she chose it because as she says, “I could not let an event like this pass without really feeling I was in the middle of it .“ Her willingness to give, truly adds color.

“Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few”

Winston Churchill (Summer 1940 in recognition of the Battle of Britain pilots).

I have used this phrase before, and I can’t help to feel how applicable it is in thinking about my respect for MaryScott and all our healthcare workers hard work and dedication. Thank you to all of you for everything that you have done and continue to do.

MS, a very personal thank you for all you are doing, your decision to act and for enriching the days when I pause to think about you helping others up there. I love you.