Tourism with FreemanGroup

Tourism success relies entirely on relationship building: from the initial interaction with the immigration officer through every interaction with every person in every sector during a visitor experience.

At FreemanGroup we custom build experience standards that tie directly into the marketing campaign and the culture of each individual tourism destination. These standards form the foundation of a training process designed to highlight the ambassadorial functions of each position in each sector that is supplemented by a robust and measurable data collection process.    

Our Process


Outlined here is FreemanGroup’s overall process to assist with designing, implementing and maintaining a service culture initiative.  Each of the components in this scope of work is designed to fit as an integrated process.  We will work with you to design an approach, allowing for customization to fit your unique customer experience objectives.  Based on your needs, some components can be implemented in a different sequence or on an “a la carte” basis.

PHASE 1     Strategic Needs Assessment & Project Planning

We work with your Senior Leadership Team to:

  • Examine the company’s current: service delivery culture, marketing strategy, guest journey, as well as the performance expectations of all work groups or stakeholders
  • Identify the company’s expectations of desired service culture and delivery with both internal and external guests
  • Name and brand the hospitality initiative for smooth assimilation into the culture and easy reference
  • Identify essential deliverables of the change management process within the organization, including a communication plan to ensure seamless and consistent messaging throughout the process
  • Gain leaders’ commitment to be continuously and proactively involved in the culture shift process
  • Agree upon the process for measuring progress – both baseline and ongoing – for the duration of the process
  • Agree upon expected outcomes and establish a timeline of deliverables

PHASE 2    Foundations™ (“Train The Trainer”) Workshops

All Leaders attend a workshop to:

  • Develop their skills to set effective technical and behavioral standards for their departments and the staff they lead.
  • Learn how to communicate and execute job standards with the team.
  • Develop skills to conduct effective training sessions during the shift.
  • Develop skills to maintain standards on-the-job through corrective and reinforcement coaching.
  • Agree action plans to develop ongoing departmental training processes.

PHASE 3    Standards and Content Development

Together with you we will:

  • License access to a custom-built list of positions from our libraries of generic Job Descriptions and Standards of Performance Manuals.
  • Agree service objectives and philosophy with Senior Leadership.
  • Analyze each job position and customize job duties, sequence of service tasks, procedures and standards.
  • Input adjustments and produce final job descriptions and SOP manuals.
  • Use the customized procedures and standards in the final manuals to generate pre-shift training modules.
  • Clearly define measurable, company-wide service culture standards of performance
  • Develop highly interactive and thought-provoking content for the Promises™ and Leading the Promises™

PHASE 4     Promises™ – Guest Experience Workshops

All staff attend a workshop to:

  • Develop an awareness of marketing promises being made on behalf of the company which create guest expectations
  • Build skills and increase knowledge to improve the guest experience
  • Learn to create a guest experience that drives loyalty through developing guest relationships
  • Learn flexibility in managing guest relationships
  • Practice how to provide alternative options or solutions to guest needs
  • Practice the skills learned and commit to meet the company’s hospitality standards

PHASE 5   Practices™ – One-to-One Onsite Leadership Support

  • Reinforce a process for pre-shifts in each department.
  • Prepare Managers and Supervisors to organize, schedule, and conduct Guest Critical Job Skills training sessions on the job.
  • Monitor and coach Managers and Supervisors to ensure consistency of information conveyed to staff and the effectiveness of the training.
  • Agree processes that need to be modified based on flow within work environment.
  • Ensure a structured process is in place in which each department continues to review and coach in a learning fashion behavioral and technical job skill standards daily.

PHASE 6     Internal Instructor Development & Certification

  • During this phase, FreemanGroup will develop and certify your internal candidates selected to facilitate Foundations™ and/or Promises™ Workshops and develop them to maintain Practices™ in the operation. These individuals will be licensed to facilitate FreemanGroup content and processes only for your organization.  Objectives will be to:
  • Develop and certify candidates selected to facilitate Foundations™ and Promises™
  • Develop the candidates’ skills in the area of leading class-room and on-the-job training sessions.
  • Enable your organization to have internal resources to continue to implement and maintain the service standards and training processes, reducing the need and cost of retaining external training partners.
  • Develop the candidates’ ability to train and coach Managers and Supervisors to communicate the company’s service culture standards to the staff via ongoing training and coaching during each shift.

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