Hospitality Industry Training Process at FreemanGroup

Our hospitality industry training processes cater to each client’s specific need.

The Customer’s Experience in Hospitality

Where the customer experience was once important only for post engagement marketing and advertising purposes, it now encompasses the customers entire journey, from beginning to end.

In the 1970’s Kevin Roger’s research on customer satisfaction was incorporated into a business that incentivizes employees to improve their performance with the satisfaction scores being the indicator; thus, starting the marriage between customer experience scores and performance. Fast forwarding through the years to the 21st Century, customer experience in the hospitality realm is now the defining factor of a successful business.

With hundreds of choices at customer’s fingertips, there is a higher demand for assurance of quality, comfort, safety, and memorable experiences. To do this, it is important to step outside of the “cookie cutter” standards and have a tailored experience for customers.

When creating tailored experiences, hospitality organizations must demonstrate an uninterrupted focus on the customer and systematically deliver daily accommodating interactions through a measurable process. FreemanGroup’s hospitality training programs and processes incorporate all of these necessary requirements in our approach. 

Our Approach

FreemanGroup’s experts work with leaders on planning, training, coaching, and measuring their service culture initiative. Through observations, interviews, workshops (Foundations™ and Promises™) and using our library of generic  Job Descriptions and Standards of Performance Manuals, we work alongside leaders to fulfill their promises made to employees and customers. Our proven process will encourage and reinforce new behaviors and mindsets that will ultimately lead to improve customer experiences and performance scores.

Our one-on-one on-the-job leadership support allows leaders the opportunity for multiple Practices™ of the newly implemented process so successful transformation can occur. Once leaders start to gain confidence in the new process, FreemanGroup will develop and certify internal candidates to facilitate the trainings, workshops, and to maintain promises and start Leading the Promises™ of  the operation.

We work with many hospitality organizations to:

  • Create measurable standards of performance
  • Provide a practical process to training and coaching
  • Learn the skills needed to effectively train and coach daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Implement an objective measurement system to ensure organization is on an upward trend

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