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Common problems with heathcare training

Training or workshops are aimed only at executive managers and middle management. This approach virtually ignores the main body of frontline staff. The information provided is often presented in theoretical terms that do not translate easily to the floor or the actual job. Seminars fill participants with a quick rush of enthusiasm, but at the conclusion of the sessions, reality sets in as managers and staff once again face the day-to-day tasks of running the operation and find they have little substance to fall back on.

FreemanGroup’s Solution

Our processes are not limited to just management training. We focus the majority of time and attention on the people most directly involved in guest contact activities, providing frontline services and in contributing to your success — the line staff.

Employees should, as much as possible, be given consistent training and coaching in their actual workplace. We believe in working with the server in the dining room, the housekeeper in the guest room, the nurse on the floor, the in-flight crew onboard, and so on.

We customizes every training solution to meet your unique standards and objectives.

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