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Common problems with Healthcare Training

Patient experience training initiatives are, more times than not, solely focused on creating quick enhancements to HCHAPS performance and fails to implement long-lasting, data-driven solutions. These quick, reactionary programs that add checklists or increase rounding on patients fails to provide a proven solution that focuses on navigating the clinical and non-clinical teams through the symptoms of what impacts the patient experience.

All staff, from administration to the frontline teams, must be able to recognize, react, and receive feedback on how their actions impact the overall patient experience. This type of response can never be achieved through a one-time training session, communication, or town hall meeting.  

FreemanGroup’s Healthcare Training Solution

Our healthcare training solutions are tailored to the specific needs and symptoms of each patient experience while focusing on improving communication, awareness and teamwork for both clinical and non-clinical staff. Our process complements how each hospital desires to provide care with a heavy focus on improving the skills of leaders to consistently coach and implement daily on-the-job trainings. By focusing on leadership skills we are then able to concentrate on the area of the patient, family, and clinical relationship by ensuring all team members are able to resolve conflict, react to a patient’s nonverbal ques, and deliver personalized care.

FreemanGroup’s healthcare training provides long-lasting, staff-centric, patient-focused enhancements.

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