Can your company afford any poor reviews or low service score ratings? In this age where reviews, good or bad, are easy for your guests to access, your company needs every advantage to stay ahead.

For more than 30 years, FreemanGroup has been assisting international clients from hotels to airlines to hospitals to improve guest and patient experiences from the beginning to the end. FreemanGroup understands how and why service excellence begins with engaged and empowered employees; they’ll stay longer, work smarter, feel valued and attract similar employees.

The first interaction with a guest is the best opportunity to build a trusting relationship. This may happen over the phone; at the valet stand or reception desk. Every employee needs to be a remarkable brand ambassador and the face of your organization in every interaction.

FreemanGroup wants to make your company an even better place to work, building upon what you have and incorporating best practices from several industries. Experience tells us that simply gathering team members in a classroom, providing them with instruction as to the desired service standards, then releasing them into the work environment does not always achieve consistent or long-term results.

Therefore, we take the time to get to know our clients through our one-on-one training.  After spending time on the front lines, FreemanGroup develops a customized training process to meet your organization’s unique needs and objectives that will elevate your company’s reputation as well as your guest experience outcomes.