Sequence of Service

A FreemanGroup trainer works with managers and supervisors to design a Sequence of Service for designated positions, utilizing custom standards of performance. We assist managers and supervisors in the preparing of session plans to train the staff in a designated sequence. Through hands-on training sessions, employees learn the basic minimum knowledge required to serve guests.


  • Design a work cycle for designated positions.
  • Incorporate basic hospitality standards into an employee’s daily routine.
  • Achieve and maintain a higher standard of performance from both new and existing employees.
  • Maximize the retention level of your staff with effective training techniques.
  • Ensure that all staff members within the property achieve guest expectations.
  • Maintain standards through reinforcement and corrective coaching.
  • Agree on a follow-up action plan with managers and supervisors at each department to reinforce the Standard of the Week program, and, most importantly, to coach the learned standards.


Phase 1

  • Identify the sequential tasks each position needs to serve the guest.
  • Revisit the Standards of Performance (SOP) manuals and evaluate all procedures and standards for each task in sequence and determine their applicability.
  • Incorporate hospitality standards and proper phrases into sequential tasks.

Phase 2

  • Prepare session plans for each agreed upon Sequence of Service to ensure consistency in communicating information to staff.
  • Practice the sequence on the job.
  • Determine training dates and times so that all employees are trained by shift daily. Allow adequate time for daily training.
  • Allocate trainers to each group of employees to be trained.
  • Identify training locations and any materials required for sessions.

Phase 3

  • Implementation of the designed sequence on the job. The FreemanGroup Trainer will conduct a four-hour training seminar for every five staff members, divided by position.

Phase 4 – Corrective Coaching: The FreemanGroup trainer will:

  • Visit each shift periodically and check on progress.
  • Observe the managers/supervisors coaching staff members on tasks trained.
  • Give feedback to managers/supervisors regarding coaching process.
  • Observe employees performing tasks, offer reinforcement on performance which meets the standard; if performance is below standard, address issues with managers/supervisors and follow up as needed.
  • Ensure all employees have been trained and coached to your requirements.