Skills Training

Skills Training

The major difference between FreemanGroup and other hospitality companies is that we offer Practices™, an on-site training component. Once managers have established standards and know how to most effectively deliver instruction on those standards in their departments, it is critical that the implementation of their new knowledge and skills be flawless. FreemanGroup believes that without focused on-site service training within each operating department, what has been learned may not be what is practiced.

FreemanGroup trainers go onsite and model the principles learned in the Foundations™ workshop in each department. The trainers guide managers and show them how to best implement and monitor the agreed upon standards outlined in the Standards of Performance (SOP) manuals.


Practices™ is conducted jointly by a FreemanGroup trainer and the department manager/supervisor, and covers the following:

  1. Plan & Organize Training
    • Identifying training needs.
    • Creating session plans to conduct training.
    • Scheduling all associates to attend training during their regular shifts.
  2. Training: Observing the training sessions in the departments to:
    • Evaluate the skill levels of the managers/supervisors.
    • Train and coach the managers/supervisors on their training techniques and results.
    • Model and conduct training sessions to demonstrate how consistency of standards can be achieved when a manager/supervisor needs further skill development.
  3. Monitor and Test: Monitor that the training is occurring by department daily and in accordance with the training schedules. Staff will be tested according to standards described in the SOP manuals.
  4. Reinforcement and Corrective Coaching:
    • Visiting each shift periodically and check on progress.
    • Observing the managers/supervisors coaching staff members on tasks trained.
    • Giving feedback to managers/supervisors regarding the coaching process.
    • Observing employees performing tasks and reinforcing performance that meets standards; if performance is below standard, addressing issues with managers/supervisors and following up as needed.