Healthcare Coaching and Leadership Training at FreemanGroup

Our healthcare coaching and leadership development training processes takes into account the patient’s Social Determinants of Health and caters to the each client’s unique patient experience needs.

The Patient’s Experience Healthcare

The patient’s experience was once important only for post survey marketing and advertising purposes but overtime it has changed. It now encompasses the patient’s entire journey, from beginning to end and has been shown to impact health outcomes.

With hundreds of choices at patient’s fingertips, there is a higher demand for the assurance of a compassionate, comfortable, and safe experience provided by clinicians who are experts in their field. Shifting organizational culture to focus on efficient communication internally and with patients will lead to a more patient-centric experience.

FreemanGroup’s proven process will encourage and reinforce new behaviors and mindsets that will ultimately lead to improvement of the patient’s experiences and performance scores.

Our Approach

FreemanGroup’s experts work with leaders on planning, training, coaching, and measuring their service culture initiative. We start off by facilitating a series of strategic planning sessions with the Senior Leadership Teams to determine how the company is currently providing service throughout the patient journey as compared to desired outcomes or marketing promises being made. Once this is ascertained, we work alongside the management team to develop the behavioral standards and custom design training solutions, Promises™.  Baseline measurement data is captured through processes such as Embedded Quality Inspections or Intercept Surveys.

To ensure sustainability of the process, leaders responsible for managing the daily operations must be engaged and provided the necessary skills and tools. This begins with a workshop for all leaders within the organization, Leading the Promises™.

To further ensure sustainability, we provide one-on-one leadership support, Practices™ . This on-the-job-coaching allows leaders the opportunity to learn from focused feedback on their performance of the newly implemented skills and processes so successful transformation can occur. On-going measurement is conducted, and continual adjustments to the training and coaching processes are implemented.


We work with many healthcare organizations to:

  • Create measurable standards and outcomes
  • Display virtues such as genuineness, love, authenticity understanding, tolerance, kindness, and acceptance.
  • Attentively engage patients and display patient awareness and understanding
  • Communicate understanding of the patient’s situation, perspective, and feelings
  • Attend to patient’s needs beyond medical intervention in a positive verbal and non-verbal manner
  • Implement an objective measurement system to ensure organization is on an upward trend