Intercept Surveys

Real insights. Real time.

Gather patient feedback quickly through in person intercept surveys.


The FreemanGroup provides you with dynamitic feedback direct from guests and patients about their experience, through on-site intercept surveys.

These surveys, conducted by a FreemanGroup representative, ask questions to uncover patient sentiments about aspects of patients on going experience.

Provided in real time, the intercept data provides leaders with actionable data to proactively address HCAHP themes, providing a true pulse of your guest’s experience. All intercept survey solutions are customizable to the needs of your operation, all provide in real time.


Intercept surveys are designed to draw comparisons to HCAHPS themes, presented to leaders in real time.

Each intercept survey is customizable to align your operations biggest needs and gather actionable data to influence change for the biggest opportunities.

Customized reporting presents leaders with HCAHPS comparisons, data trends and guidance on adventitious improvements.


Patient feedback tells the best story! With each intercept survey, the FreemanGroup team works to collect rich patient comments to provide detailed insights into their experience.

Advanced text analysis tracks frequent words and phrases, allowing reoccurring themes to be addressed or phrased quickly.


Department leaders can access real time reporting, via customized dashboards which outline department and staff performance.

Intercept survey dashboard fit your needs allowing leaders to apply multiple filters to pinpoint specific locations, departments, timeframes, floors, and staff members.

Sample Dashboards