Embedded Observations 

Real insights. Real time.

Gather actionable data through embedded quality inspections.


The FreemanGroup provides you with unbiased insights into your guest experience, through the implementation of embedded quality inspections.

 These inspections insert a clinically trained FreemanGroup analyst into clinical and non-clinical departments, observing all behaviors and interactions.

 Our clinically trained Analysts provided data which will allow leaders to better understand and improve staff performance, ultimately enhancing your guests’ experiences. All embedded quality inspection solutions are customizable to the needs of your operation all aimed to provide real time data for real results.


FreemanGroup Analysts are trained to assess the behaviors of all non-clinical and clinical staff based on the agreed behavioral standards of hospitality.
Each checklist of standards is completely customizable and focuses on measurable standards of performance.


FreemanGroup Analysts will embed themselves with a patient’s family, experiencing every step of their hospital experience, monitoring each staff interaction and providing real time reports.

FreemanGroup Analysts will access all public areas on site, conducting detailed observations of your operations environment and staff.


At the conclusion of each observation, FreemanGroup Analysts provide detailed comments recapping overall impressions, environmental issues, staff highlights and overall opportunities observed.

All FreemanGroup Analysts have clinical experience which allows additional insights to key safety or medical procedures.


Department leaders can access real time reporting, via customized dashboards which outline staff performance by multiple variables including department and a detailed checklist of behavioral standards


Dashboard access is tailored by user attributes, pinpointing access to data based on role or location.

Dynamic dashboards allow leaders the ability to identify top and bottom performing hospitality standards, identify ongoing coaching and training needs.


Inspection data is calculated into overall and department specific scores, generating location specific scorecards of performance.

Customized monthly reporting presents leaders with HCAHP comparisons, data trends and guidance to make improvements in real time.

Sample Dashboards