FreemanGroup Measurement & Data Analysis

The implementation and maintenance of an effective Healthcare Guest Experience for patients faces different challenges in execution than typical hospitality environments such as Hotels and Resorts etc.

  • No patient wants to be in a hospital.
  • No family member wants to see a loved one in hospital.
  • Both patients and family members are nervous, perhaps even scared.
  • Providers have to deal with two levels of concern (family and patient).
  • Medical outcomes are never certain.

These differences from regular hospitality environments demand a very robust data collection system for each individual healthcare institution, facility and unit, in order to completely tailor the quality initiative to each specific client.

The actionable data system designed by FreemanGroup Healthcare for the industry goes beyond reporting mere numbers against a scale based on guest feedback alone. Our system is unique in that we have the ability to gather data from multiple sources simultaneously.


  • Family member feedback
  • Patient feedback
  • Healthcare team member feedback
  • Anonymous inspections of the entire care journey.
  • Announced inspections of the care journey
  • Social media feedback

The data collection points above are available for comparison in real time on a dashboard that not only gives data as to the experiences, but can also be used to interpret causes of performance and therefore provide us with the opportunity of recommending measurable and realistic actions to take; thus the term actionable data.

This process entirely differentiates FreemanGroup Healthcare from any other Guest/Patient experience provider. We have designed a system that is efficient in reporting time, extremely robust in methodology and more complete in content than any other system available. Finally, it is completely designed as a bespoke product to each individual Healthcare client, whatever the size.

Measurement & Data Analysis Offerings