“We’ll figure it out as we go”….. is not an option!

Your COVID-19 solution must include WHAT key elements staff will concentrate on,

HOW solutions will be practically implemented and most importantly

a robust and guest-focused training program for all staff.”

Bill Freeman



Standards of Performance Manuals

Our customizable COVID-19 Standards of Performance manuals outline the practical and technical standards, in conjunction with our exposure risk tool to provide guidance on a graduated response plan to mitigate COVID-19 exposure. Using community risk and operational traffic, our manuals define the appropriate level of response for teams in four key COVID-19 areas of focus; Personal Appearance and Hygiene, Environments, Products and Services, Communication.

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Training Session Plans

FreemanGroup COVID-19 training session plans will guide you in the delivery of training on all technical and behavioral COVID-19 tasks. Our training sessions are designed in an easy to follow format, including engaging questions and roleplay scenarios to provide leaders with the tools to train kinesthetic behaviors that impact the Guests perception of safety.
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Foundations Train the Trainer for Leaders

Participants are instructed, through self-paced and interactive learning solutions, HOW to train detailed COVID-19 protocols using proven FreemanGroup methodology. Leaders will be provided with the tools required to ensure consistent staff behaviors and conduct daily training to refresh and reinforce all COVID-19 specific protocols. 


Self Paced Online Learning

FreemanGroups over 35 years of training experience is now available in self-paced, interactive, online training sessions. The catalog of online sessions will provide participants with the skills required to navigate through the COVID-19 protocols for personal appearance and hygiene, maintaining safe environments, providing guest services and products, and communicating with guests. 
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Corrective and Reinforcement Coaching

This vital element instructs leaders on how to effectively correct and reinforce new COVID-19 health and safety behaviors, through an easy to follow, step by step model. Consistent application of corrective coaching ensures Staff is aware of proper health and safety standards while reinforcing these behaviors which are critical to increasing morale and confidence of Staff. 
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Virtual Refreshers for Leaders

Conducted through interative virtual training, leaders are refreshed on key coaching concepts, creating an open dialogue with FreemanGroup experts to address real-life situations and obstacles. These refresher sessions ensure organizations create a culture of coaching that is sustainable in the evolving COVID-19 environment. 



In-Person Observations

Our in-person measurement includes observation of all COVID-19 specific protocols and Staff behavior including the environmental factors that impact a Guests perfection of safety. Conducted using a COVID-19 checklist of standards, our mystery and announced observations provide detailed feedback on the adherence to all Guest critical standards.  
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COVID-19 Self-Audits

Supported by a robust COVID-19 checklist of standards, FreemanGroup trains and support the implementation of locally conducted self-audits which observe all COVID-19 specific Staff behaviors and environmental factors. Supported by FreemanGroup’s online data platform, users are provided access to real-time dashboards to monitor performance and compliance of all COVID-19 standards.
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