Freeman Group has partnered with Traliant, an award-winning provider of online compliance training, to provide modern and innovative online compliance training for the hospitality and healthcare industry. Compliance training helps you provide clear guidelines and expectations to your employees. These sessions can improve your recruiting efforts, employee retention rates, and increase problem-solving and creativity across your organization.

Interactive and Engaging 


Keep your employees engaged in their training through interactive videos with real-world scenarios where viewers decide what happens next and sees first hand how their incorrect responses can impact the workplace. The wrong responses elicit  a review scenario that allows for teachable moments to occur to ensure every person dully grasps the topic at hand.


Fully Customizable

Bite-sized interactive episodes are presented in a modern, news-show format and provide an immersive experience for your employees with challenges to test their knowledge and comprehension of these important topics. Each course assignment is tracked for completion easily with a customizable dashboard and audit-ready reporting.

Compliance Courses are supported in differing levels of translation for English, Spanish, Canadian French, European French, German, Simplified Chinese Mandarin / Cantonese, Vietnamese ,Japanese, Polish, Czech, Italian, Tagalog, Malay and much more. All onscreen text and closed-captioning is also translated to the localized language.



Worry Less, Engage More!

 Training your employees on how to recognize and respond to inappropriate behavior in the workplace is one of the most effective ways you can develop an engaged and respectful workforce. These up-to-date behavioral-based instructional sessions ensure your employees go beyond simple compliance to truly understand how to respond in actual workplace situations.

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