Thomas R Strohe

Managing Partner - FreemanGroup Healthcare

As a Partner in FreemanGroup Healthcare, Thomas leads the Company’s business development team. Thomas’ 25 plus years of experience as a Healthcare Executive, provides him with a wealth of practical knowledge to custom design service culture training and measurement solutions and take on the lead consulting role for FreemanGroup Healthcare clients. He played an integral part in leading the team that designed and launched FreemanGroup Healthcare’s newly upgraded Data Collection and Analysis platforms for both Embedded Quality Inspections and Intercept Surveys.

Thomas’ experience as a Healthcare Executive includes leading teams through new facility mergers and acquisitions, consulting and management oversight, as well as numerous equity positions throughout different facets of Healthcare Administration. After his graduation from A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, he has held several Hospital CEO positions throughout the country. Prior to joining FreemanGroup and in his roles as Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of National Operations with multi facility oversight, Thomas was responsible for 20 hospitals across eight states.