Pat Moore


In Memoriam

A marketing graduate from the University of North Florida, Pat Moore had nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Since joining FreemanGroup in 1999, Pat was an essential member of FreemanGroup‘s sales and business development teams. Pat was responsible for sales, business development, trade show strategy development, as well as marketing atFreemanGroup. Pat was vital in securing numerous FreemanGroup accounts, including two government accounts. In addition to her day-to-day sales office responsibilities, Pat worked  closely with many of the FreemanGroup’s Caribbean clients.

Prior to joining FreemanGroup, Pat successfully organized hospitality industry trade shows and seminars at William H. Coleman, Inc., where she was promoted to vice president and general manager. In 1994, Pat opened her own company, Travel Promotions Management, which specialized in the organization and management of pre-scheduled appointment shows in the tourism industry. At Travel Promotions, some of her clients included the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board, CHA, Exposimex S.A., Quintana Roo Hotel Association, and ConsumerScan.