Marcus Brown

Managing Partner-FreemanGroup Immersive Learning

Marcus Lyle Brown leads the team responsible for FreemanGroup’s development of innovative immersive learning solutions for our clients.  These creative active learning solutions leverage the internet, learning management systems, and gamified simulation training to reduce training costs while increasing the effectiveness of skills and knowledge transfer.

Marcus’ creative skills stem from his background as an entertainment industry veteran, film producer and video game developer.  He is an accredited administrator of instruction, curriculum and workforce development.

Marcus is the Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Twin Studios (DTS) and responsible for its Multi-Industry Business Development.  DTS is an immersive and interactive learning development company specializing in the Extended Realities (XR) of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).  Through his role with DTS, Marcus is able to bring vast experience of developing these types of learning solutions in operational excellence for its global clientele.  Marcus is able to integrate their tenured insights in educational and professional development solutions for multiple industries to include:  Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Defense and Energy.

FreemanGroup is proud to partner with Marcus and DTS as we develop training and orientation modules that dynamically integrate the latest best practices in customer service, patient experience, hygiene and safety excellence.  A recently completed project in which Marcus managed the creative design is an innovative MR platform for Virgin Hotels New Hire Orientation.  The immersive platform allows Virgin Hotels to introduce new staff to their unique brand and culture.  Utilizing this latest active learning technology to improve their new hire experience, allows Virgin Hotels to position themselves as an innovative learning and development leader in the hospitality industry. 

Currently, Marcus is leading our FreemanGroup hospitality trainers and the DTS programmers to develop a series of AR modules designed to train staff to deliver hospitality in the new health aware environment.  These modules allow learners to access AR environments to simulate both technical and behavioral protocols now required, such as sanitizing, wearing PPE, communicating procedures to guests and simulating difficult conversations when dealing with non-compliance.