Our Story

FreemanGroup has been a robust training and consulting company for nearly 35 Years. We are extremely proud of that accomplishment and continually ask ourselves “How have we done it?” and “How do we continue to do it?” 

Since 1985, much has changed in the world in general and in the Hospitality space in

  • Technology has changed at a dramatic pace and will continue to evolve and improve at an even more dramatic pace.
  • Guest and Customer expectations have changed in regard to service, which in turn has meant that training needs have changed across the service spectrum.
  • The labor market has changed dramatically, particularly in regard to the needs of service industries and the expectations of the new labor force itself, as it relates to tenure and benefits.
  • Guests and Customers continue to have more varied and wider choices both in terms of the experiences they purchase and where they choose to travel to or buy from. In other words the world is smaller and the service options/choices are greater.
  • Technology has directly affected the whole world of giving and getting feedback, making the world not only smaller, but more transparent, meaning errors in service delivery have much more far reaching impacts than in the past.
  • Security concerns have directly impacted all aspects of service delivery and will continue to do so in both the short term and the long term.

These above are just a few examples of how FreemanGroup has had to adapt to the challenges of the natural order of frequent change in the world.

We also have changed and added to the markets we serve. In 1985, we were strictly a luxury hotel training company; over the thirty years we have transcended our client base to:

  • Casinos
  • Business and Convention Hotels
  • Resort Properties
  • Government Tourism Sectors
  • Health Care
  • Cruise Ships
  • Airlines
  •  Airport Authorities
    ……while retaining:
  • Luxury Hotels

Our methods and processes have changed to keep pace with all the above evolutions of the last three decades. We believe though that our continued success has at it’s foundation the original cornerstones of the company at it’s inception, namely:

  • Ensuring that our offerings are operational and practical in nature.
  • Maintaining the core belief that as clients vary from market to market, each new client requires a truly bespoke and custom-built process.
  • Offering products that ease the implementation process without compromising on quality.
  • Leaving the client with internal resource that can continue the ongoing maintenance process without incurring additional consulting cost on an
    ongoing basis.
  • Offering a robust data collection tool that monitors progress and provides actionable data on an ongoing basis and as close as possible in real time.

It is these principles and these approaches that have allowed us to thrive in our markets for over thirty years and while over the next three decades the world and our markets will change again, these principles will remain constant and will, we believe, ensure FreemanGroup remains a relevant and vibrant force within the service industry space.