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Welcome to FreemanGroup

Improving customer experience, beginning to end.

FreemanGroup formed with the intent to provide the hospitality industry with a practical approach to quality service that encompassed a successful implementation method and an objective measurement tool.

​Over the past 30 years, FreemanGroup has built a reputation among top international companies to create highly engaged and happy staffs.

We believed three decades ago and we believe now that four core beliefs define us and set us apart from our competitors:

  1. The belief that everybody in whatever field and at whatever level is capable of achieving way beyond what they believe their best to be.
  2. The belief that it is not ownership or management’s role to motivate their team. It is their role to put that team in a position where they can motivate themselves.
  3. The belief that service consistency is not defined by what we train people to say or what we train people to do; it is defined by how we train people to think.
  4. The belief that seminars, literature and online access alone will not get it done. It is necessary to follow up and work with the operational team at their place of work and within the departments, they serve to achieve the desired level of service excellence.

Our Objectives

FreemanGroup has three client objectives at the forefront:

  1. To offer our clients a practical approach in regard to the installation and maintenance of an effective service/ quality assurance process.
  2. To provide a robust measurement tool to capture and adapt to guest/customer needs and to assess service progress.
  3. To ensure that the training process provided is embraced by our clients as part of their strategic business plan, not only to improve service consistency but ultimately: to improve profitability.