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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Our practical training philosophy engages and involves the entire organization to reach their full potential.

Hospitality isnt a buzz word

Hospitality must become a strategic plan, supported by
measurable standards and organizational accountability.



– Bill Freeman

Don't expect what you don't inspect.

A robust measurement strategy is essential to assess and adapt to guest needs and feedback.

Customer Experience as Your Strategy Since 1985!

Using a practical approach, FreemanGroup provides training and coaching services shown to  improve and maintain quality customer experiences. We guide clients through our successful implementation method and use our robust measuring tool to track service progress.



Our processes re-imagine and re-tool your guest experience by completely customizing solutions to your brand, environments, and your guests ever-changing needs and expectations.


We deliver patient-centered solutions through practical, behavioral, and interactive methods which are reinforced by real time clinical measurement.


We are the only company capable of delivering a destination-wide visitor experience that singularly focuses on achieving the promises made through marketing efforts, while embracing and enhancing the local culture. 


Our experience introduce a hands on, measurable and accountable approach that ensures your staff deliver a superior passenger experience. 

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

 Our comprehensive measurement tool captures customized data and adapts

to guest/customer needs so our clients can asses their service progress.


Spotlight Our Clients | The Mirage

The Mirage opening was a truly amazing opportunity for FreemanGroup and came at a time when we were very young and very ambitious.  Of all the openings we have taken part in, this is the one that taught us really how to execute our role and deliver a first class...

Don’t Let Safety Certifications Fool You

Don't Let Safety Certifications Fool YouPerception is reality and even more so in the COVID-19 environment the perception of Guest safety has transformed an industry once focused on experiential stars and awards to that of stamps and seals. Our Guests’ priorities have...

A “Post-COVID” Environment Doesn’t Exist

A "Post-COVID" Environment Doesn't Exist I was in a meeting earlier in the week where an executive asked me to explain how our process would assist in a ‘ Post Covid ‘ environment. This statement focused me even more on the true challenge of this virus within the...

Webinar – Consequences of Not Training

Evolving the Guest Experience -Consequences of Not Training in the COVID-19 Environment Regardless if your Guests are returning to stay at your hotel, dine in your restaurant, fly your airline, or begin “normal” behaviors again, how you adapt to your internal Guests'...

Webinar – Supporting Our Internal Guests

Evolving the Guest Experience - Supporting Our Internal Guests Regardless if your Guests are returning to stay at your hotel, dine in your restaurant, fly your airline, or begin “normal” behaviors again, how you adapt to your internal Guests' needs is critical! This...


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