FreemanGroup Measurement : Quality Inspections

Your customer’s experience is driven by your team’s service performance.

During Mystery Shops, your team’s service performance is measured by trained analysts who pose as anonymous customers. These analysts, or mystery shoppers, measure the success of your service according to the specific standards of your property/properties.

Your data and results are gathered to show service trends, both positive and negative, and can be compared against your organization’s agreed upon standards as well as past results, your competition, and industry norms (AAA, etc.).

The service performance data gathered through Mystery Shops enables you to uncover the service issues that require the most attention and that are having the biggest impact on your business.  By addressing issues during training, you can successfully develop a highly efficient overall quality assurance system.

The advantages of using FreemanGroup’s Mystery Shops are:

  • Multiple online reporting options
  • A Web-based program backed by an extensive database
  • Customized surveys
  • Standards of performance-based assessments
  • Quantifiable results
  • Objective data
  • A unique perspective achieved by comparing Online Guest Comment Surveys and Employee Opinion Surveys against Mystery Shop reports
  • Procedural recommendations
  • Focused training
  • A targeted training direction
  • Staff performance evaluation and measurement